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Expressive Nudes Photography Retreat - Photography Creator Workshop shooting B&W Outdoor Art Nudes, Prague, StudioPrague
Expressive Nudes Photography Retreat - Photography Creator Workshop shooting B&W Outdoor Art Nudes, Prague, StudioPrague

  Course Synopsis: Artistic Explorations. 4 People Only. No Waste Of Time.

Get it all!
Enjoy a long weekend with shooting, learning, artistic endeavours, having fun, making friends, good food and relaxed atmosphere.

We will be a very small group staying for 2.5 days in just one compound that offers you endless outdoor shooting possibilities. The goal is to learn new techniques and to shoot unique, creative images.

No fluff, no unnecessary theory, no lame gear presentation. Just to-the-point and on-the-spot hands-on learning. We will maximize the outcome and not wasting your time.

Join us for a carefree time and start creating, improve and excel your artistic model photography. Enjoy a unique weekend with our crew and your fellow photographers.

  Course Key Data

  • Free Shooting, Hands-on Education & Supervision
  • Arrival: Friday, late afternoon
  • 2 Complete Shooting Days (9am to 4/6pm) – Sat/Sun
  • Departure: Sunday after 5pm
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • For Starters, Aficionados & Intermediate (Hobbyists & Pros)
  • 4 Participants max (in 2 groups) / 3 participants minimum (1 group)
  • Outdoor ‘On Location’ Shoots & Hands-on Tutoring
  • Your Equipment: Digital or Film, Lenses & Accessories
  • Mentor: Tomas Jungvirt – Photographer, Painter, Sculptor, Architect
  • Instructor & Supervision: Dan Hostettler – Author, Photographer, Producer
  • 4 different Models in total (if we have 4 participants)

  Mentor, Instructor, Supervision

Tomas Jungvirt Photography
Tomáš Jungvirt‘s artistic endeavours are profound, many-faceted and based on decades of experience: painter, sculptor, photographer, conservator, carver, plasterer. In 1980 he emigrated to Germany, where he soon established himself thanks to his many talent.

At present, Tomáš specializes mainly in black and white photography. Thanks to his “painter’s eye” and the use of only analog lenses, his work has a unique composition and personal touch.

Languages: German, Czech

Dan Hostettler Photography
Dan Hostettler is the owner of StudioPrague, an internationally published photographer for over 30 years and meticulously in charge of everything that’s going on with his productions.

Over the course of his long years of experience in the field of Fashion, Glamour and Nude Photography, Dan led countless workshops. Aside from his own creations, Dan has been internationally published and featured among others on and in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, GoodLight! Magazine, FotoTV, ModelMayhem EDU, MUZE Magazine, FOTOdigital.

Languages: German, English, French

  B&W ART NUDES MASTERY: What You Will Get

  • Artistic Nudes & Sexy Portraiture
  • Extensive Hands-On Education
  • Shooting Practice & Portfolio Building
  • Free Shooting Time (2-on-1 or 3-on-1)
  • 4-5 Shooting Slots (Group Rotation)
  • Composition, Image Looks & Moods
  • Lighting: Natural Lighting & Mixed Lighting (Sun & Strobe), Light Quality, Characteristics & Directions. Modifiers & Tools
  • Model Posing: Model Lines & Flow Posing, and more


We will provide you with:

  • Portable Strobes, Light Modifiers, Reflectors, and more
  • Stands, Tripods & other tools
  • Wireless Radio Trigger System
  • Model Right Release Contracts. Images can be used for self-promotion reasons across all of your various promotion channels & portfolios.
You have to bring:

  • Camera: DSLR, Film SLR with Hot Shoe or PC/X-Sync
  • Lenses
  • Batteries, Memory Cards, Films
  • any particular piece of gear you are used to shoot with

  4 MODELS (2, if 3 Participants Only)

3 tba
Czech Nude Model Katerina


Max. 4 / min. 3


Friday, October 9 (afternoon) – Sunday, October 11, 2020


  • Complete: EUR 920.00 | incl. Accommodation & Full Board (Beverages: water, softdrinks & beer. Wine & spirits are not included)
  • for 2.5 Days | 4 Models | Outdoor Location

  The Location in Prague

BONUS: Vintage Car Sets Available


Accommodation options for single occupancy will be provided.

  • 2 nights of accommodation are included in the workshop fee.
  • 2 places are located right on the shooting premise
  • 2 more places are nearby, located in the Vila Lanna . Just a lovely 10 minutes stroll away.

This comfortable setting allows us for socializing, talk shop and just having a good time after the shooting day.

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