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“Summertime” by Shootparty

↗ Details: Fashion/Dessous/Artistic Nudes – Aug 30 -Sept 1, 2024

  No Fluff, No Babble

First, one super-important “detail”: I will support your shooting day(s) with a “hands-on learning approach”, never hindering your work or “stealing your shooting time”. But I am always ready to jump in and help.

  I am Here for You:

  • It’s Personal: I will provide you with the missing pieces you might lack. All based on your personal needs, questions, and experience. I am here to make your life easier and your shooting approach more effective (= greater + unique photos).
  • It’s Your Choice: The “Support + Learning Level” is based on your choice: I am your mentor, partner, or supervisor – whatever you need.
  • It’s Your Vision: I want you to succeed with your vision, concept, story, message, and dream! It’s all about you, but I can accompany you with Creative Support and “Shooting Ideas on the Spot”, helping you build your very own portfolio images based on your visual language.
  • Basic & Advanced Lighting: Natural Light, Natural Lighting & Mixed Lighting (Sun & Strobe), Strobe Lighting, Light Quality, Characteristics & Directions. Modifiers & Tools.
  • Settings: Gear/Camera/Strobe Settings.
  • Image Review: Reviewing your results, discussing and planning for the next day.
  • I Will Understand You: I speak English, German, Swiss-German, and French.

  Conclusion: Get More Out of Your Photo Event Adventure!

Create without limitations and explore new possibilities.

“Education, Insights & Inspiration”: From getting a real “behind the scenes” feeling and learning new bits & bytes to creating unique personal images, I get it all set for you.

  About me: DAN HOSTETTLER, Photographer + Educator

I am a Swiss-born photographer and educator based out of Spain.

Working successfully as a “people photographer” for the last 25 years and counting, I Specialize in Beauty, Glamour, and Commercial Nudes. Due to my work, I am fortunate enough to travel around the globe, visiting countless countries, both pan-European and Oceania, as well as Asian.

In 2001, I founded my flagship StudioPrague in Prague (CZ). This includes a dedicated glamour production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. My studio has served many international clients and supported a large number of productions and exclusive VIP events.

In addition to my own creations, I am internationally published and featured, among others, on and in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, GoodLight! Magazine, FotoTV, ModelMayhem EDU, MUZE Magazine, and FOTOdigital.

My passion for traveling, cinema, and visual adventures translates into a high degree of skill and creativity. Inspired by the world’s top magazines and brands, such as Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Vogue, and Victoria’s Secret, amongst others, I continue my pursuit of being the best in his field.


  • 2.5 Days | On-Site
  • Complete: EUR 350.00 p/p
    (max. 5 participants / min. 2 participants)

  What You Get

  • Hands-On Learning based on Your Needs
  • Creative Support + “Shooting Ideas on the Spot”
  • Portfolio Building Support
  • Basic & Advanced Lighting Support
  • Gear/Camera/Strobe Settings Support
  • Image Review
  • Speaking Your Language: English, German, French

  Booking (+/or Questions)

Note: Your data is kept strictly confidential and handled with utmost care!