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In business since 2003, producing locally for international and national clients, we know all the necessary local trades for creating your media effectively and with high impact.

Our Value: Creative Productions With Swiss Precision

StudioPrague is Swiss-managed and headed by people photographer Dan Hostettler.

Over the last 15 years, we built up a most valuable network for supporting talents like models, makeup artists, stylists, videographers, and more. Plus, we foster and maintain excellent connections to a wide variety of exclusive locations, well-proven model agencies, photo/film studios, gear providers, and many other specialty services.

We Are Your:

We Are NOT…

  • Consulting for free. You get access to info if you pay for our extensive local knowledge about anything and everything. We do socialize and are friendly because that’s the core of our (people) business but you have to pay for local insights.
  • A model agency. We do not help you find or facilitate models for your own projects. If we are your project producer, then we do. If you are just looking for models, please consult a model agency.
  • Dealing with any type of talent placement for hostess work, escort services or pornographic work at all.
  • Facilitating talents for “Gentlemen Clubs”.

The City of Prague, StudioPrague, Our Workshops & Your Productions: This Is Where The Glamour Begins!