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A Once In A Lifetime Adventure

Getting into the exciting world of Boudoir, Glamour and Art/Nude Photography can be fun, enjoyable and a wonderful adventure. We are here to support you in every aspect.

First of all, we offer nothing related to porn in any type of way. Having that said, here is what you actually can expect from us:

  • We provide you with serious and tasteful model photography education in form of private courses and limited group workshops.
  • We are always very considerate about your reputation and eager to protect your interests. That’s why we offer completely private courses (and hence just a few selected group classes).
  • Our workshops are intensive, combining theoretical and (a lot of) practical training and shoots.
  • Our workshops are designed to accommodate different levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned pros: Nobody leaves our workshops without having learned something new!
  • You will receive individualized “hands on” training to help you greatly improve your photographic skills and achieve the results you demand.
  • You will be working with the highly acclaimed photographer & tutor Dan Hostettler, professional models, a makeup artist, and a stylist on occasion.

We It Your Way!

Our clients are bright, resilient, positive, fearless, communicative, reliable, decision makers, rapid responders and naturally collaborative people. But most of all – they are independent.

The same goes for us: We are dedicated to our work, inspired and addicted to quality. We are naturally enthusiastic and fast communicators.

Our clients (aka You) are more than just customers to us – they are our partners. We love to establish an authentic relationship with you.

It’s Your Vision

In our course, we want you to succeed with your vision, concept, story, message, and dream!

You won’t just mindlessly shoot the sets we’ve created and end up producing the same pictures as everybody else. Our way of offering “Portfolio Building” isn’t the way that all is prepared and you just push the button.

To us, customization does not only mean that we adapt the learning topics & curve according to your wishes and needs but also listen to what you would like to achieve regarding style, genre, story, and more.

It is all about YOU, realizing your ideas by having us support you with education and hands-on progress in the best possible way. As said, you are our partner. Not just another client.

My workshop experience is that everyone is very down to earth.

“I attended the 1 on 1 Master Workshop to learn more on the kind of lighting and composition of a typical shoot but what I got is more than I expected it was BETTER, I can say it exceeded my expectation.”

Mike Sy, Philippines | Private VIP 1on1 Master Class Workshop Participant | 4 days | > read all testimonials here

Your Private Customized Course (2 to 4 Days)

A private setup is a more luxurious and relaxed experience while at the same time maintaining a professional pace.
There are many reasons why our clients choose a private workshop:

  • DISCRETION: We take your privacy seriously. Private workshops afford a level of discretion required by many of our clients. It’s just you with the instructors/mentor, the models and a small production team. That’s it.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Your workshop experience is specifically tailored toward your desires, needs and skill level.
  • TIME: Without several participants there is much more time to shoot, learn and visit the specific areas of your interest.
  • TOPICS: Your learning experience is specifically tailored toward your desires, needs and skill level.
  • DATES: We are very flexible in private course dates (weekdays & weekends). The sooner we know about your plans the better we can organize all specific things.
  • MODELS: Last but not least the models will only be focusing on you! Need we say more?

Dan made us feel very special. He went far beyond the call of duty. Everyone was spectacular.

“This was such an amazing workshop! Dan went far beyond our expectations. The models were excellent and everything we needed was provided for us. This workshop was very well organized and thorough. Everything was 100% professional from start to finish. Dan came up with excellent places to shoot at, which gave us a lot of opportunities.”

Don & Bec, USA | 1on1 VIP Master Class Workshop Participants | 4 days | > read all testimonials here

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