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StudioPrague is your dedicated photo & video service hub, offering a wide range of female talent production services. We provide you with tailor-made concepts, customized shoots, on-demand infrastructure and support you extensively with our well-founded industry know-how and expertise.

Our resident photographer & producer Dan Hostettler is your partner for managing (and shooting) all of your needs with precision, in time, within budget and applying the creative flavor and genre you are looking for.

We produce and shoot for the following segments/fields:

  • Lingerie/Beachwear/Fetish Catalogue & Lookbook
    Brand work from serial studio work up to customized, luxury high-end setups on location.
  • Custom White Label Print Content
    For publishers seeking white-labeled high-quality print content. You get complete distribution/usage rights and can publish under your own brand without any recognition to StudioPrague/Dan Hostettler.
  • Female Model/Talent Portfolios
    For talents that need a different look for their portfolio/presentation.
  • Personal Branding
    For female entrepreneurs that need an exciting, sexy and glamorous positioning.

We provide the following paid services:

  • For Private Clients & Companies/Brands
  • Photo & Video Content – Beauty, Lingerie/Boudoir, Implied, Glamour/Nudes (no explicit/erotic/porn content)
  • Complete (tailor-made) Productions
  • Acting as Project Producer or Supervising Producer
  • Signature-Style Photography by Dan Hostettler
  • Serial to High-End Retouching Service for Productions made with/by StudioPrague

Keeping friendly long-term relations with all our customers and partners is of great value and importance to us.

If you have a campaign or a project execution in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a limited, free consultation in which we determine how we can make things possible for you and how to proceed.

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