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  Course Synopsis

We have extended the high end 3 Day Premium Master Class Class with a full day of additional shooting and hands-on learning. So you will get 4 (!) days of seamless theory and practice at once.
No breaks, no interruptions – just individual lessons, shoots and portfolio/authority building at the end. All for your learning and portfolio success!

Like the 3 days treat, this exclusive private master class covers ALL aspects of the wide variety of nude photography genres. Explore basic to advanced lighting, exciting styling & makeup and the importance of meaningful model collaboration, including directing and effective posing.

Working shoulder to shoulder with our mentor and sparring partner Dan Hostettler, you will learn the real trades on how to create your own glamour & nude portfolio. Experience hidden industry secrets you never learn in any group workshops or online training. Plus, learn how to manage to keep your creativity flowing – even after hours of shooting and directing.

Our Master Classes are modular structured while very flexible at the same time in order to adjust to your individual requirements. You will work with several different pro models in different setups during these four days.

  Joining 4 Days Of VIP Training Enables You To

  • jump into an exciting, creative & lively field of photography! It’s a ‘people business’: Learn how to manage your nervousness, insecurities & hesitation.
  • acquire the most profound knowledge in a short time.
  • build up/enhance your portfolio.
  • learn the genres’ basics, rules, tips and secrets and/or improve your skills for Boudoir, Glamour & Nude Photography.
  • learn how to handle different model personalities, adjust production performance and how to troubleshoot unexpected situations.
  • have time to intensify and apply your knowledge on Day 3 with on-the-fly learning support for maximum results.
  • look behind the scenes of this industry in general and experience the sets in real.
  • work with European models.
  • shoot one full day and find your role as a photographic director (no worries, we have your back).
  • meet industry pros & build business opportunities and an expert network.
  • enjoy privacy in a private workshop. Plus having our full attention.
  • last but not least: Achieve great results while participating in a fun but yet challenging course.

  Course Topics

  • Your Camera Equipment: We will go through your equipment selection, advise you on all your camera settings, explain in detail about various (manual) white balance scenarios for our different lighting-type setups, help reading histogram levels (and avoid doing so), manually dialing in exposure variables, and much more. You will get used to work manually (except for autofocus, of course).
  • Legal Advice: Talking about “18 USC 2257 Concerns for Photographers”: This US law imposes some strict (worldwide) obligations that must be followed to avoid fines and penalties, including prison.
  • Model name & age verification process, record keeping and labeling requirements for producers of visual depictions of actual human beings engaged in actual sexually explicit conduct (= you!).
  • Contract Types: Casting-Sheet / Self Promotion Contract / Adult Model Release / TFP/CD Contracts (“Time for Print/CD”)
  • Concepts: A brief intro to Dan Hostettler’s concept creation process: How to find ideas, effective strategies, and inspiration based on Dan’s very own “Keyword Strategy Toolbox”.
  • Makeup, Hair & Styling: While the model is having her makeup done, you will learn about the musts & needs of a photo makeup from our makeup artist. Our makeup artist will give you some practical advice and answers any makeup queries you may have. We will also have a first brief talk about genre-specific styling and appropriate accessories. After that, we will revisit the topic on-the-fly when preparing for each set so you get valuable pointers and inspiration for your own research, prep & future shoots.
  • Staging: Artistic elements of staging including the usage of room/studio space, effective lighting for distinct moods, using props, etc.
  • Basic & Advanced Lighting: Exploring lighting techniques and developing the creative brief with more precision by means of set and model direction. Lighting includes strobes, reflectors, available light & mixed lighting. 1-4 Light Setups.
  • Working with Models: Learn how to analyze the model’s strengths and weaknesses and determine how to best accentuate her strengths. Nuts & Bolts about influencing “energy”, “mood” and therefore outcome.
  • Posing Work: Exploring the basic posing framework, jumpstart with easy-to-remember flow posing, exercising poses by coaching for natural looking results. Understand different posing approaches/needs for different genres (art nude ≠ glamour ≠ boudoir ≠ Playboy style!)
  • Composition: On day 3 we additionally focus on compositional aspects that help to visually accelerate shapes, forms and patterns in combination with lighting directions and the impact of shadow casts.
  • The Shootings: Focusing on how to direct the model and create the synergy and right energy between subject and photographer. This is the essence of any quality nude and glamour photography. You will have the opportunity to develop your collaboration skills one-on-one with a different, professional model type each day. 3 days are perfect to get more secure in working with models.
  • Day 4 Shooting: It’s your turn now! Before the production day starts, we sit down and bounce concept ideas based on the location we are in and the model that is booked for that day. We lay out the day’s production plan, settle looks/moods/styling and decide on lighting strategies combined with storytelling and moods.

    You will then shoot 3-4 sets, acting as a photographer and director – just like in the real PRO world. You will interact with the makeup artist, guide the model and perform the shoots. But no worries: We will have your back. Depending on how much guidance and support you ask for/need, we will do everything from supporting style decisions to arranging lighting setups and more – or we are just performing (partial) supervision. Since it will be a hands-on process, we will easily find the perfect balance to have you shoot smoothly and successfully.
4 Days VIP Master Class - Overview - Nude Photography Courses by StudioPrague & Dan Hostettler

  Course Summary

  • (Boudoir), Glamour & Art/Nude Photography. Full-frontal nudity.
  • 4 days in a row. Dates upon your convenience (weekdays & weekends).
  • Studio Hands-On Workshop & Shoot based on Strobe Lighting
  • Prague, Czech Republic | Location: Photo Studio
  • 8 hours/day (incl. short lunch break & model prep/makeover)
  • 4 Models (1 model per day)
  • 1 Make-Up Artist
  • Instructor/Supervisor Dan Hostettler for 4 days
  • You will shoot 7-10 different sets in total
  • Incl. all styling attributes & accessories for the models
  • Self-Promotional Model Releases
  • Lunch/snacks/non-alcoholic beverages for the whole workshop duration
  • Educational handout material


This private master class has flexible dates and can be booked according to your schedule (weekdays & weekends; 4 days in a row).


  • 4 Days | 4 Models | Photo Studio
  • Complete: EUR 7,450.00

  Course Add-Ons

Upgrade your learning & shooting experience! We exclusively offer:
  • 1 additional model, 1 day | EUR 450.00 (more...)
  • ‘On Location’ Package, 1 day | EUR 400+ (more...)
  • 3D Lighting Diagrams for set.a.light 3D | EUR 400.00 (more...)
  • Split course in 2 parts | EUR 300.00 (more...)

The ever conscientious and courteous Dan put in immense efforts to ensure the success of the workshop.

“The purpose was to learn the various aspects of lighting and posing for glamour photography. And that goal was more than achieved. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the entire schedule was very well planned and the workshop was highly professional, yet very informal and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Jagdish, India | Private VIP 1on1 Master Class Workshop Participant | 4 days | > read all testimonials here

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