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Work Ethics: Models’ Professionalism

We only work with the best: From published/exhibited Art Nude models, to Playmates, to Penthouse Pets – all of our models have extensive experience and a long list of credentials. They are well organized, widely traveled, wildly smart, and absolute pros in every aspect.

Our Models Are Getting Paid!

Let us bring something to your attention that seems obvious but actually isn’t standard in our industry: Unlike some other workshop organizers, we pay our models their non-commercial rate in full. No trickery, no additional model contracts to buy/sell – plain fair game. We treat models like you: Partners!

Student Work

Models Are People Too

Since it’s a “people business”, every model does of course have a different personality, charm, body language and interpretation of her work in front of the camera.

For your course we will bring together models of different looks and temperament to make your shooting experience broad, your imagery diverse and to let you experience how to handle different characters. No worries, all of them are very friendly, easy going and most pleasant to work with. But you will note some differences in communication, spontaneity, interaction, etc.

In short: we have motivated, friendly, good looking, and hardworking Eastern European pro models ready to work with you.

Model Collaborations

Here just a brief glimpse of models we work with on a regular basis:

Candid Shots