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The Look Maker - Aneta Lozkova - Make Up & Hait
The Look Maker - Aneta Lozkova - Make Up & Hait

My Sexy Women Photography is very much relying and built on the term “sexy”. Nudity is not the basis per se. No, the key is rather the interplay of body forms, expressions and the story!

Charm Created by Visual Feelings

“Sexy” means so much more than just a smile, nipples and a great butt! Sexiness is charm, enchantment, allure, and attraction.

It’s not all about bikini, lingerie or golden hair. Sexiness, sympathy and temptation come in all forms and situations.

I feel attracted by the most different visual situations when I look at women. Sure it can be a smile, a hidden glance or the open, full, long wavy hair. But it’s always in combination with a current situation I’m feeling connected with.

Dramatic, soft, sensual, bold, alluring, dark, shy, romantic, flamboyant, colorful, sultry, chic, playful, subtle, teasing, artsy, sophisticated, charming, tense, elegant, progressive… – Welcome to the world of expressions triggered by looks!

What Makes a Look For Me?

Aneta Lozkova - The Look Maker - Beautify & Styling - FotoTV Shot with Melisa Mendini

Project: Multi-piece series for starting out in Sexy Women Photography / Aneta’s contribution: 8 looks set-up the very easy way
Availability: Published

When I am working on a new shooting concept – doesn’t matter how small the budget is or if I even have no budget at all – I always ask myself the question about what the final message, what the story should look like.

As example: Will it be a Glamorous Hollywood touch lighted scene (= sophistication) or a model-centered Femme Fatale Story (= dramatic)?

Based on this creative decision (sometimes the decision is based on commercial aspects and less on the creative side…), I start to channel and breakdown my ideas by creating (small) concept-/mood boards .

A final look – when implementing – is always created by the components of lighting, styling, make-up, hair and posing/acting (expressions ).

And this is where my fabulous team member Aneta comes into play…

Please Welcome Aneta Lozkova!

Aneta Lozkova and Dan Hostettler in creative Look Discussions

To betray secrets of some qualities Aneta has to offer: attentive, highly creative, runs a very high emotional intelligence, smart, follows up with what she reads between the lines, sticks to her own styles, knows all about the latest trends, is fully backed with tons of biographies like Coco and Dior, thorough, precise, organized, ever since on time. And most of all: young & hungry.

Aneta and I have been collaborating for just a bit more than five year. We found each other by coincidence – like always when the best things in life seem to happen.

She got recommended by a model friend; we did a test job thereafter – and I was simply stunned by her work and attitude.

Big Costs? Not Necessarily!

Let me tell you first that I am always working with a very small team. We can’t afford extensive staff during the shoots. Even if here on StudioPragueit looks like I’m constantly working with a big team, that’s a fallacy. You only get this impression because I hire additional talents for the video- and documentary-process.
The core team is always: Model, Make-up & Hair Artist (MUHA) and me. That’s it.
The model’s part is to execute and project the emotions. My role is to create the appropriate lighting design, staging and visual composition. And the MUHA’s job is to create the looks.

Make-Up, Hair AND Outfit

Aneta Lozkova - The Look Maker - Beautify & Styling - Playmate Coxy Dominika - Anatomy of a Production Day

Project: Revealing the exact steps Dan Hostettler plans, implements and executes when producing a demanding glamour/nude shoot / Aneta’s contribution: 5 looks in one day – Terrific results, challenging in execution /
Availability: Published

For my productions I am more than extremely happy to work with Aneta. She does not only create the makeup and hair style concepts but also complements my ideas with her sparkling and endless creativity.

Because of the small team, Aneta acts as connector for all beautifying issues as well as for the outfit suggestions and selection!

Before the implementation of a shoot, a look is – in my opinion – comprised of make-up, hair style and outfit. A look – applied to the model and then represented on the scene – must be very stringent and coordinated with the visual execution. As always, it’s about precise planning…

When booking a model for shooting sexy portraiture, lingerie or glam, she will most of the time provide her own useful outfits and accessories (around 90% fine to use).

Nonetheless, pre-planning and taking decisions about what to wear is very crucial before a shoot. I always consult and coordinate these topics with Aneta before signing-off the complete look(s) and pulling the call sheet for the model together.

As you can now clearly see: Aneta is the “Look Maker”!

A MUHA for You: Her Different Roles

I strongly advise that you gain some knowledge about the beautifying part first. This way you have a fair understanding when discussing these matters with a MUHA. It’s not rocket science…

Additionally, here are a few equally important things to consider before your next shoot .

The Being Human Part: A MUHA takes away pressure from you! How? Well, during shooting preparation on a production day, the girls apply the looks and just chat along. This in turn leaves you with extra time to concentrate on your tech, light settings and camera stuff.

And, when working with a specific model for the first time, it’s mostly the MUHA that helps you break the ice and it’s her who is the driving force that supports you in creating a relaxed working atmosphere for all parties involved.

The Networking Part: MUHAs are great networkers. Like models they all work in the same field, genre, town, and region. And they chat… A lot. They recommend you and spread your reputation to other models (don’t be creepy!) and they also help you with finding new faces for your shoots.

In short: MUHAs are worth their weight in gold! Don’t mess with them.

Aneta Lozkova - The Look Maker - Beautify & Styling - Hanna in Berlin - Black & White Nudes

Project: Femininity. Black & White Nudes by Dan Hostettler the artsy way / Aneta’s contribution: 4 looks set-up the easy way
Availability: Published

Building (+ Maintaining) Your Portfolio: My Advice

You might be an aspiring Sexy Women Photographer or already a pro. If you are just starting out with model photography – or you want to maintain your imagery on the same quality level – collaborate with a MUHA! Do not just hire her; collaborate with her and have a long term approach in mind.

Sure, models themselves are very much likely to apply some different make-up styles on their own. They are women after all, right? But if you want to build your first port, you need every specialized support you can get. It’s a (small) investment. Even if you are not planning to turn this genre of photography into a business, a professional portfolio will at least help you to attract other models for your next shoot.

Think about it!

Additional (little) expenses should not hinder you to strive for quality. Push your ambitions by giving them a serious chance: Collaborate with other creative minds!

Trust one another’s inspiration, creativity and expertise. Just as I rely on Aneta.

I trust her feelings, visions, point of view, the buzz she creates sometimes, even her resistance every now and then. All this (and more) belongs to a fruitful, artistic, constructive, influential, enriching, beneficial and long lasting relationship.

Models change. The Look Master shouldn’t…

Aneta Lozkova - Fun on Photo Set

Final Words

If the words in this post resonated, felt and every now and then sounded like a hidden declaration of love, well, it is one!

A tribute, a praise d’amour to Aneta’s creations and to our collaboration. Without Aneta, I wouldn’t have been able to implement and expand my styles and visions to the stage of work that I find myself in today.

“My” personal Look Maker Aneta is most inspirational to me…

Aneta Lozkova & Dan Hostettler by Jan Prerovsky

Dan Hostettler - Photographer & StudioPrague Owner

Author: Dan Hostettler   Verified Account; StudioPrague Owner  Switzerland

A traveler at heart, inspired by women, working along Swiss precision.

Dan is a mediapreneur, photographer, author of several books, owner of StudioPrague and Founder + Editor in Chief of Being a successful photographer for more than 15 years Dan got internationally published and featured on/in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, FotoTV, GoodLight Mag, amongst many others.

Dan is currently residing and working in Prague, CZ, conducting nude photography workshops, productions and pushing educational formats to a new level.

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Your donation helps to sustain, create and regularly update the free content for you. I love offering my knowledge to you and a small token of appreciation helps to keep the lights on.

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